Bean Boozled Spinner

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100 gr
What is BeanBoozled Spinner? It's fun candy in a box and game all in one! Use the spin wheel to decide what bean you eat. Will it taste great or gross?

BeanBoozled 3th Edition includes 16 flavors of jelly beans: 8 weird and wild flavors that look identical to 8 classic and delicious flavors. Think you can tell the difference between the sweet Coconut and Baby Wipes? What about delicious Chocolate Pudding and not so delicious Canned Dog Food?

We dare you!

These are all flavors :
Stinky Socks (Kaus Kaki Busuk) vs Tutti-Fruitti
Lawn Clippings (Rumput) vs Lime
Rotten Egg (Telur Busuk) vs Buttered Popcorn
Toothpaste (Pasta Gigi) vs Berry Blue
Barf (Muntah) vs Peach
Canned Dog Food vs Chocolate Pudding
Booger (Ingus) vs Juicy Pear
Baby Wipes (Tissue Bayi) vs Coconut

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