Toblerone Milk Chocolate 200 gr

Rp 42.000
5 - 9 pcsRp. 41.000
10 - 29 pcsRp. 40.000
30 - 49 pcsRp. 39.000
≥ 50 pcsRp. 38.500
200 gr
Toblerone Milk Chocolate 200 gr is a very unique chocolate bar. It is made from Swiss milk chocolate, filled with almond nougat & honey and comes in a triangular prism packaging to accommodate the bar's creative triangle shape, which is actually the thing that drove me to try the strange candy in the first place. The name comes from "Tobler" and "Torrone", the Italian word for the almond honey nougat in the chocolate.
Toblerone has a great balance between taste and texture. For you chocolate lovers, you can eat on snacking time or as a topping meal

Made in Switzerland.

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